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75% of your patients are going to reorder contacts this year… will it be from you?

75% of your patients are going to reorder contact lenses this year... If your annual supply percentage is 25%, three-quarters of your patients will reorder contact lenses at lease once in the next year. Will they reorder from you?

My CL Reorder by CLX makes competing with online competition, retaining patients and increasing practice revenues easier than ever before. Auto-send emails and texts to your patients when they are due to reorder contact lenses and provide them with a personal link directly to their prescription for an easy, positive patient experience. Watch the video below to see how My CL Reorder works in under 2 minutes:

Call us today at (314) 743-0781 x2339 or email to learn more about My CL Reorder by CLX.

CLX Extra: Half of patients stretch CL's. In 2015, the CDC found that 50% of CL wearers admit to stretching lenses. By sending reminders, My CL Reorder helps increase compliance and helps reduce hygiene risk behavior.


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