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CLX Integrates With Ocuco’s Practice Management Software Acuitas

Product: CLX integration with Ocuco’s Acuitas

Top Line: CLX, a contact lens ordering, managing and marketing system, has recently integrated with Ocuco’s practice management software Acuitas, a management solution that has recently been rolled out in the U.S.

Close Up: CLX streamlines the way Acuitas users order contact lenses for their patients by providing single order entry capability, key metrics and profitability management, and marketing solutions.

“Previously, our staff had to enter all contact lens orders into our practice management system and then call, email or fax those orders to our distributor,” said John Abbate, COO of Wing Eyecare, a 15-location practice out of Cincinnati. “With this integration between Acuitas and CLX, we have been able to avoid double-entry of all contact lens orders, which has helped us reduce errors and make the entire contact lens ordering process practically seamless.

“Between the efficiency of ordering and the revenue-enhancing marketing solutions, the Acuitas/CLX integration is clearly one of the best advances we’ve seen in our software in the past year.”

CLX also offers users turnkey marketing solutions designed to retain patients and increase revenues for the practice.

“Aside from ordering and managing their contact lens data, CLX users like Wing Eyecare have access to My CL Reorder, an automated text and email notification system that tells patients when they’re due to reorder,” said CLX product manager Jeremy Bono. “With My CL Reorder, patients are provided with a personalized link on your practice’s website, which deters the patient from ordering from an online retailer.”

Vital Stats: CLX System is a cloud-based management platform specifically designed to improve the efficiency and accuracy of contact lens administration as well as to provide valuable data and robust metrics reporting. It is integrated with five of the leading eyecare practice management systems.


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