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CLX Upgrade Improves Contact Lens Ordering, Reporting Capability, Inventory, and Return Processing

This article originally appeared in Vision Monday VMail Technology.

Product: CLX 2.0

Top Line: Opti-Port is releasing the latest version of its CLX contact lens management system.

Close Up: The upgraded system, CLX 2.0, streamlines contact lens ordering and introduces a new inventory and return module, practice and doctor benchmarking reports, and national comparative pricing analysis.

“The CLX System was originally designed to reduce contact lens administration time and allow eyecare practices to better manage their contact lens business,” said Jim Edwards, president of Opti-Port. “The improved features of CLX 2.0 will further allow our users to profitably build and grow their contact lens business, one of the most vital areas of a practice in today’s optical industry landscape.” The updated CLX System is said to not only simplify contact lens ordering, inventory and returns, but also to provide robust reporting on key metrics such as annual supply percentage, national retail pricing comparisons, sales by product modalities, and product usage by doctor or office location. This reporting functionality can provide practice owners and operators access to real-time data on which to continuously evaluate their contact lens businesses.

Vital Stats: Opti-Port’s CLX System is a cloud-based management platform specifically designed to improve the efficiency and accuracy of contact lens administration as well as to provide valuable data and robust metrics reporting.; (314) 743-0781


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