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Direct Mail Isn't Dead (And We Have the Numbers to Prove It)

Watch the video above to learn about Opti-Port's Direct Marketing program. At the end, Eugene Shatsman gives an introduction to National Strategic's marketing services.

As you know, recalling your patients is important work. What’s the point of bringing in new patients if they never come back?

To recall your patients well, an omnichannel approach is best. Sure, life is increasingly becoming more digital, but that doesn’t mean direct mail can’t have success. To the contrary, we’ve found that direct mail recall for eye care patients has an excellent track record.

Recently, an Opti-Port member tested this out. For three months, they sent half of their patients due for an eye exam a direct mail piece and sent the other half a generic email or text reminder. The conversion rate for those that received a mailing was 22.8%, as opposed to 17.5% for those that didn’t. That's over a 30% increase in response compared to email and text only. Similarly, there was a total revenue bump as well. Those that received a mailing brought in an extra 20% in revenue over those that didn’t receive a mailing. As you can see, with numbers like that direct mail is far from dead.

Creating "personalized experiences" -- a one-to-one marketing approach with customer-specific messages -- is increasingly becoming recognized as a fantastic way to drive revenue. By personalizing a card with the customer's name, direct mail can do this easily. Cards can also be personalized by age, gender, months since last exam, store location, and more. With this type of specific targeting, it's no wonder direct mail is such an effective recall strategy for eye care practices.

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