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Join us for Opti-Port's Eye Care University 2018

NOVEMBER 13-14, 2018 | ST. LOUIS

We have all heard the phrase, that "People Are Our Greatest Asset." Especially in a healthcare service industry like Eye Care, it is your people that will ultimately determine if we are successful or not. Gallup research shows that "people join companies, but the leave managers and supervisors." So if people are our greatest asset, and they need strong supervisors to help them be effective in their role... what are we doing to help grow our managers and supervisors into effective leaders?

Come and learn how to:

  • Lead like the best in the world by recognizing the Six Core Competencies all great leaders share.

  • Recognize what motivates the six basic personality types.

  • Gain the commitment of others by tapping into their motives.

  • Develop the Six Core Competencies every leader must have to compete successfully in the 21st century.

  • Re-energize yourself - channeling your drives to create peak performance for a lifetime.

During the course, you’ll attend Bell Leadership Institute’s Achiever I seminar. This seminar allows you to enhance your success and contribution to your practice by increasing your effectiveness as both an individual and a leader. Before attending, you will complete the Bell Personality Profile, a comprehensive and confidential 360 online assessment tool designed to evaluate your leadership and management style.

Described by graduates as “life-changing,” the Achievers I seminar gives you the tools to build your leadership mastery on a daily basis. The course is based on over 40 years of research and consulting by Dr. Gerald Bell, a psychologist and business professor at the University of North Carolina who has been recognized as one of world’s foremost experts on leadership.

Past attendees can continue the discussion and grow their leadership skills on the ECU GRADS group page on LinkedIn!

Click here to learn more and register.


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