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OfficeMate Software Solutions Enters Strategic Partnership With Opti-Port

Article originally appeared in Vision Monday.

OfficeMate Software Solutions has agreed to partner with Opti-Port to integrate Opti-Port’s suite of web-based services including a contact lens patient web ordering system, a multi-location scheduler, and an in-office contact lens, frame and lens ordering system with OfficeMate’s existing and future eyecare software business solutions.

Ed Buffington, president, noted that “Opti-Port services add significant value to our clients by expanding the scope of and flexibility of OfficeMate offerings.”

Jim Edwards, Opti-Port’s President expressed on behalf of the Opti-Port regional optical retailers and private ECP’s, “This integration of our Opti-Port services and the OfficeMate suite of eyecare software offers enhanced options for our users, a majority of whom are OfficeMate clients, to retain contact lens business, add dramatic efficiencies to patient scheduling across a multi-location business and increase profit margins and efficiencies on product purchases with Opti-Port supplier partners.”

Opti-Port is an online internet portal with a client base of over 450 locations made up of regional and independent eye- care professionals. Opti-Port products include CL Express for streamlining contact lens fulfillment, Opti-Port Scheduler for web-based patient scheduling, and Opti-Port’s portal for online ordering of contact lenses, frames and lenses with Opti-Port’s leading list of eyecare supplier partners.


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