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Opti-Port Alliance Hosted First-Ever Opti-Port Summit

Opti-Port recently hosted more than 100 of its member companies’ owners, operators, and partners for the first-ever Opti-Port Summit. The Summit focused on optimizing operations, marketing efficiency, and practice growth in a multi-office organization.

“For years, subsets of the Opti-Port membership have met in small study group settings designed to facilitate a high-level of trust, information-sharing, and collaboration on how to best operate and grow large practices with multiple locations,” said Opti-Port General Manager Dr. Jason Lake. “This year for the first time, we brought all of these study groups together by hosting the Opti-Port Summit.”

Held Nov. 3-6 in Dallas at the Four Seasons Resort and Club, the event consisted of study group breakouts, a general session for all attendees, networking reception with sponsors, and several collaborative dinner events.

“The study groups within Opti-Port serve as a platform for members that face the similar obstacles and challenges unique to running large multi-office practices to come together, share what’s worked well and what hasn’t, and learn from one another,” said Lake. “By hosting all of the study groups in one place, we were able to amplify and expand that collaboration across groups, and have a whole lot of fun while doing so.”

The event’s general session featured a high-energy keynote presentation by former fighter pilot Lt. Colonel Waldo Waldman. Waldman led the group through his interactive “Never Fly Solo®” leadership session where he shared combat-tested tools and techniques on managing change, performing under pressure, and building trusting relationships.

The second annual Opti-Port Summit is scheduled for November 2022 in Chicago.


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