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Opti-Port Members Share Best Practices at 2019 Marketing Mastermind Meeting

Opti-Port held its annual Marketing Mastermind Meeting in St. Louis, Missouri on June 11-12. Marketers and practice administrators from several Opti-Port member companies were in attendance for a workshop that combined education, peer accountability, and best practice sharing to sharpen each practice’s marketing efforts.

“You learn a lot about the industry and about what other practices are doing,” said Dr. Tavel Family Eye Care’s Brian Coyle. “It’s good to get a collaborative feel with other marketers. It’s always something I look forward to.” Dr. Tavel Family Eye Care’s Samantha Gray added, “As a new person in the optical industry, I found it super helpful as an intro to the industry.”

Eugene Shatsman, National Strategic co-owner and digital marketing strategist, led a keynote presentation tailored specifically to the needs of eye care practices. With deep insight into emerging trends, Eugene offered strategies for optimizing search engine results, increasing website traffic, and driving growth by reactivating old lists.

Members led group discussions on various topics, including influencer marketing, direct mail innovation, non-profit partnerships, social media marketing, reputation management, and much more. In addition, each member presented their most successful marketing campaign of the year, in order to inspire other members to try similar ideas at their practice.

“It feels like everyone has upped their game [this year],” said Berkeley Eye Center’s Catherine Martinez. “You’re really associating with people who care about your organization, who will challenge you and push you.”

Key takeaways

  • How to leverage local social media influencers to develop content, promote eye health, and drive sales

  • Informed Delivery: a new USPS initiative that provides users the opportunity to digitally preview their household mail, providing a unique feature that would merge digital and direct mail recall to drive revenue for eye care practices

  • How an Opti-Port member increased website traffic by 352% year-over-year

  • How a LASIK practice turned dead leads into $389,000 of procedures with a $37,000 in marketing spend

  • The many community and business benefits to partnering with a non-profit


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