Why Multi-Office Eyecare Providers Aren’t Growing Their CL Business

Why aren't multi‐office eyecare providers growing their contact lens business?

Of course, some of them are, but many eyecare providers have found that doing so has become increasingly more difficult. Whether it’s because of low margins, managed care or increased online competition, contact lenses have gotten a bad rap. And while those issues may be real, it doesn’t mean that contact lenses are dead. In speaking with eyecare providers across the nation about their practice challenges, I’ve identified the 4 most common reasons why ECP’s say their contact lens business isn’t growing.

As I reveal my findings in this short video, ask yourself if you’ve ever heard or thought these very same statements. If so, there’s good news!

To learn more about the tools other Multi‐Office Eye Care Providers are using to help grow their contact lens business, call or email Jeremy Bono today.

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