CLX System Releases ‘My CL Reorder’ to Increase Capture Rate and Patient Loyalty

This article originally appeared on Vision Monday VMail Technology.

Product: My CL Reorder

Top Line: CLX, a contact lens ordering, managing and marketing system, is introducing enhanced functionality designed to auto e-mail and text patients due to reorder contacts.

Close Up: “Too many patients are reordering contact lenses from an online retailer or superstore, and not from their personal OD. With My CL Reorder, our customers are able to remind patients when it is time to reorder and provide a fast, secure on-line reorder option. This technology is unique in helping ECP’s compete in today’s cluttered marketplace,” said Jeremy Bono, CLX product manager.

My CL Reorder identifies patients due to reorder contact lenses and automatically sends emails or texts prompting them with a link to reorder their prescription contact lenses. Credit card payments are deposited in the practice bank account, and the order is forwarded directly to a preferred practice distributor who then ships the refill directly to the patients.

The CLX system is capable of more than capturing reorder business, according to Bono. “Efficient ordering, tracking, and reporting features of CLX also help our customers better understand, manage and grow the contact lens side of their business,” he noted.

Vital Stats: CLX System is a cloud-based management platform specifically designed to improve the efficiency and accuracy of contact lens administration as well as to provide valuable data and robust metrics reporting.; (314) 743-0781

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