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Opti-Port members enjoy access to CLX, a cloud-based ordering, managing and marketing system that gives you the tools needed to grow your contact lens business. 



CLX is a cloud-based software solution that connects your practice to your patients, and to your contact lens distributor. The system features help your practice capture more contact lens orders and increase practice profitability.

As the industry's leading online contact lens management platform, CLX helps you better manage your contact lenses without distruption to your current ordering frequency or activity. A typical office will spend about 10 hours per week on contact lens administration (ordering, order status reports, managing trials, patient reorder reminders, etc.) but an office using CLX is able to reduce this administration time by as much as 50% - saving time and money while improving patient service and satisfaction. 

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"Using CLX has been a really easy way for us to increase our sales without additional cost or effort."
Wing Eyecare
Increase office orders, online orders, and patient reorders

Convenient Reordering

Increasing contact lens reorders requires a deliberate strategy. With text and email reminders, an online store, and personalized reordering links, the CLX System makes reordering contacts from your practice easy and convenient for your patients.

CLX Subscriptions

Make annual supplies more affordable and convenient for patients with your own privately branded subscription service. All communications with patients are branded with your practice name to protect your patient relationships. 

CLX Reporting

CLX's daily reporting tracks your contact lens revenue and profitability with an unprecedented level of detail. 

CLX Price Check

CLX comes equipped with the ultimate contact lens price comparison guide. Every week your practice will get an updated side-by-side comparison of your contact lens retail price versus the online competition. 

CLX Store

CLX gives your patients the ability to order contact lenses directly from your website with a customized contact lens ordering link. 





Reduce administrative and marketing costs

CLX Easy Ordering

Not only does CLX save your practice time submitting orders to your distributor but also eliminates common order errors. 

CLX Reporting

CLX's daily multipoint reporting is the simplest way to optimize your practice's fitting strategy. These reports can be viewed by formulary, modality, and employee to provide invaluable insight into what is really happening at your practice.

CLX Price Check

Are you keeping track of the contact lens prices of your online competitors? Your patients are. Luckily, CLX gives you the ultimate contact lens price comparison guide. 

CLX Universal Catalog

Ordering contacts will be stress-free as CLX can confirm accurate product SKUs before you place an order. Avoid "discontinued" or other product delays caused by inaccurate catalog data. 

CLX was created to help ECPs compete and succeed

Contact lens industry leaders all have the same things in common. They have a business strategy for how they fit patients, a systems approach to capturing orders and reorders, and the ability to scale their systems (and not their overhead) for accelerating growth. 

CLX was designed to bring these strategic capabilities to you in one automated, centralized system. 

Now, with the click of a button, you can compete with anyone in the industry and successfully grow you contact lens revenue and margins. 


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