Opti-Port and My Vision Express Align for Contact Lens Management Tool

This article originally appeared in Vision Monday.

ST. LOUIS—Opti-Port, LLC has integrated one of its products, Contact Lens Express, to the My Vision Express practice management system’s version 10.0. Jim Edwards, president of Opti-Port, said, “We are excited about the Opti-Port CLX/My Vision Express integration. Combining the CLX cloud technology with a feature rich system like My Vision Express will dramatically improve the eyecare provider’s ability to manage their contact lens business.” CLX was developed by Opti-Port in 2005. “With My Vision Express 10.0 and Opti-Port’s CLX, integration users are now able to import contact lens configurations with ease. This integration allows contact lens inventory to be managed dynamically, giving our users the ability to order, direct ship, and replenish contact lens inventory with ease and efficiency,” said Vipul Katyal, president of Insight Software, LLC, the maker of My Vision Express software. Created in 2001, Opti-Port www.optiport.com is a national alliance of leading eye care providers that leverage the combined strength of its members to provide them with revenue growth strategies, cost saving, and market expanding opportunities. Opti-Port offers solutions in purchasing, technology, education and training, and marketing. Opti-Port’s Contact Lens Express, or CLX is part of Opti-Port’s technology solutions, uses cloud technology. Insight Software’s My Vision Express software is specifically designed for opticians, optometrists and ophthalmologists, available as a client-server and web-hosted solution.

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