‘Change Management’ Is the Answer to These ‘Turbulent Times’

This article originally appeared in Vision Monday DBA.

LAS VEGAS—“These are turbulent times,” said Jim Edwards, addressing an audience composed of members ofOpti-Port, the national alliance of multi-office eyecare providers for which he is president and CEO.

“Faced with a shifting regulatory environment, increased industry consolidation, and the growth of online competition, multi-office regional eyecare practices have to adapt and evolve to succeed,” he continued, introducing the day-long Spark Conference that Opti-Port holds each year just before the start of Vision Expo West.

“Change management” was the subject of discussion throughout the Opti-Port event held here at the Sands Expo & Convention Center, Sept. 15, 2015. Topics ranged from leadership and behavior modification to implementing a new electronic health record (EHR) system and insurance coding procedures.

In the keynote address, bestselling author and management consultant, Garrison Wynn, identified the perceived threat that change presents to an experienced team. “No one wants to be a senior beginner,” said Wynn, who helped the audience understand ways to overcome the paralyzing fear of change that often prevents an organization from reaching optimal performance.

In peer-to-peer sessions designed to encourage best practice sharing, members led discussions on implementing a new company-wide hiring protocol, preparing for a meaningful use audit, training opticians for enhanced patient engagement, and implementing new EHR and ICD-10 coding procedures

Members will next gather at Opti-Port’s Eye Care University in St. Louis. This two-day program, in partnership with the Bell Leadership Institute, helps build both personal and business leadership skills relevant to the eyecare industry.

Founded in 2001, Opti-Port is a national alliance of leading multiple-location eyecare providers that leverages the combined strength of its members to provide them with revenue growth strategies as well as cost-saving and market-expanding opportunities.

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