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Join us for SPARK at Vision Expo East 2019

Updated: Mar 4, 2019


Come to Vision Expo East one day early and experience firsthand Opti-Port's game-changing, full-day SPARK Conference. The Opti-Port SPARK Conference is designed to facilitate information sharing amongst like-minded business owners focused specifically on managing multi-office optometric businesses. Because of this best practice sharing, attendees are able to spark ideas, spark connections and spark growth for their companies each year.

Keynote Speaker: Jay Abraham

Renowned marketing consultant Jay Abraham will give an engaging keynote in New York this year. You may remember Jay from SPARK at Vision Expo West 2018, when he interviewed Subir Chowdhury. Now he's back to share his unparalleled insight and experience at SPARK at Vision Expo East.

Jay has personally advised over 25,000 diverse companies in over 1,000 different industries on five continents. Past and current clients include: Daymond John (Shark Tank), Tony Robbins, Dave Asprey (Bulletproof Coffee). Jay created the 3 Ways to Grow a Business model, The Power Parthenon of Geometric Business Growth, The 93 Referrals Strategies, The Sticking Point Solution, and The Nine Drivers of Exponential Business Growth.

Agenda Highlights

Walkout Workshop: Best practices for developing a systematic process for reducing exam only percentages and increasing day-of exam revenue.

  • What is a walkout? Together we’ll define exam-only patients and benchmark this metric across attendees.

  • Optimizing a Capture Strategy: Each company will share the top 3-5 key tactics they focus on to improve capture rate. Do these vary between eyeglass and CL patients? What is the impact of tracking and implementing these tactics on your business? Where could you improve?

Telehealth: opportunity or obstacle?

In the last few years, telehealth has gone from emerging buzzword to real-world business models. How are these new models affecting optical? Are you utilizing telehealth tactics in your business? Hear from other members on how they have implemented telehealth services in their business.

Opti-Port Barometer Update: A robust review of trends in key practice performance indicators for multi-office eye care practices.

And more!

Seats are limited for this year's SPARK Conference, so please RSVP now to

Members: Click here to download presentations from past SPARK conferences.


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