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Join Us in New York City for SPARK at Vision Expo East 2024!

Join the exclusive SPARK Conference at Vision Expo East on March 14th, a one-day event designed specifically for Opti-Port members. This is your opportunity to connect with like-minded multi-office optometric business owners and gain valuable insights through the sharing of best practices. Expect informative and educational content, as well as a cocktail reception after the event. Registration is open now!

Click here to register and see more event info.


Staff Engagement and Innovation through Practical Neuroscience

Heather J. Crider

In this insightful keynote presentation and workshop, you will learn breakthroughs to transform your team from spent to successful. Heather J. Crider, Burnout Recovery Expert and Certified Neuro-Performance Coach, empowers overwhelmed professionals to unleash brain-powered breakthroughs, unlock paramount performance, create unrelenting energy, and build deeper human connections.

This is a talk that isn't just heard, but profoundly felt. Delve into the intricacies of neuroscience, utilizing micro solutions to foster harmonious high performance. Equip your sales teams with resilience, mental fitness, and strategies that spell success.


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